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Discussion: Was Frank Pucelik 1 of the Founders of NLP?

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Frank Pucelik is referenced in at least one account given by John Grinder of the early days of NLP . It doesn't say whether or when he dropped off the radar in terms of development of NLP. However it seems all 3 men had their own 'stuff' going on at the time, maybe Frank was putting more into his 'stuff' than into NLP. Maybe someone knows, I have a feeling someone will.

John Grinder is the only one with the personal integrity to remember the fact as they happened. "All three men had their own stuff going" is not accurate in its implication but, of course, true in its litteral meaning. Everyone always has their own 'stuff' going.
We were dedicated to the development of NLP for many years and what we did has become world known as a contribution to the development of the many fields that it has been applied to. I am proud of this and continue to work in the field as I have all my life. For more particulars of my path see (www.frankpucelik.com). Click the 'en' if your Russian is not up to speed. Please forgive the English text in many places. This site is done in Russian carefully and translated into English by Russian speakers. They have done there best.
I was forced out of the 'group' in late 1976, but actually left in 1978, by Richard for his own personal reasons. At that time I took several of the 'meta' guys to San Diego with me and we formed 'Meta Institute'. This organization continued with the development and training in NLP for several years until 1983, when I moved to Oklahoma. I then opened 'Meta International' and continued the work with NLP. I was also a professor at the University of Oklahoma for 4 years and supervised 2 treatment centers for young drug addicts and alcoholics. In 1987 I was invited to visit Moscow, went several times over the next 4 years, and by 1991 I was living and working in Russia. Now I live in Odessa, Ukraine, work all over the CIS and love it here. I do mostly business consulting here but keep my hand in the NLP market a bit as well.
If you have more questions about the beginnings of NLP, ask. I am the only person in the world who was there besides John and Richard. By the way, not a single person who claims to be a founder or originator, or claims to have been in the original group with John and Richard is accurate. Not one of them was there. To their credit, some of them actually believe what they claim is true. They just don’t know when NLP was created and think that their beginning time with John and Richard was the beginning. I recently met one of the famous ‘originators’ for the first time. During our conversation she told me she was an originator of NLP and was in the first group of people who worked with John and Richard. When I asked her when this was exactly she said the first NLP group started in 1981 when she began. I suggested she no longer call herself an originator because she started in NLP 10 years after it began, She said she would change her promotional material and her comments to the public. Whether she has done this or not, I don’t know.
The ‘real’ originators never get the credit for what they have done. Their names are; Marilyn Moskowitz, Ilene McCloud, Trevelyan Houck, Patrick Rooney, Terry Rooney, Jeff Paris, Lisa Kiarra (not sure of last name – sorry Lisa), Devra Canter, myself, and a couple more I will remember soon, I hope. None of the people know as originators are among this group. If you doubt my memory, ask John. Richard’s memories serve his intentions a bit more creatively than John or myself. John has no concern or personal agendas about the facts and is perfectly comfortable with the truth. If he can remember, he will tell you.
On the personal side for me, I owe my wonderful career, my happiness, and my personal strength in large measure to these 2 incredible men. Both Richard and John gave me gifts I can never repay. In my mind, Richard and I were in the right place at the right time, and, very lucky to meet and work with John Grinder. He is humble about this point and gives credit to both Richard and I, however without John Grinder there is no NLP.

Frank Pucelik


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